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Christmas Craft: Melted Snowmen

Looking for a cute Christmas craft to make this year? Need a last minute gift idea? Check out these adorable melted snowmen ornaments.

 Melted Snowmen Ornaments in Muffin Tin

I saw the idea on Pinterest a few weeks ago and decided to give them a shot.

All you need is:
•  Clear glass ornaments (I used 1¾-inch ornaments but you can scale up the project if you want)
•  Table salt
•  Whole black peppercorns
•  Orange polymer clay
•  Toothpicks
•  Small funnel or paper cone

Warm up the clay in your hands and form small carrots by rolling the clay into thin cones. Add texture by gently pressing a toothpick to make horizontal lines on each carrot. Bake according to the directions on the package.

Up Close Ornament

Remove the metal tops from the ornaments and add salt, 7 peppercorns, and a clay carrot to each one using a funnel or paper cone. A mini muffin tray works perfectly to hold the ornaments steady as you fill them. Replace the ornaments’ tops and you’re ready to go!

Ornament In Hand

Super easy, inexpensive, and absolutely adorable! Try this out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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