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Coffee Table Re-Design

This was my latest project. I’ve had this leather-top coffee table for years and it definitely needed an upgrade! On top of that, my new place needed some more color, so I took a chance and painted it and I love the results!

Before & After Pic

The first step was removing the leather. Once I pried the corner up with a sharp putty knife, the rest pulled up pretty easily.

Removing Leather

Then I used the putty knife to scrape off the excess glue on the top and sanded the entire table with a 220-grit sandpaper. Before I started painting, I put a small nail into the bottom of each leg so I could paint all the way down the legs without the table sticking to the floor.

Nail in Table Leg

Next, I primed the table with two thin coats of KILZ 2 Latex primer.

primed table

I used a small foam roller for large parts of the table and small foam brushes to get into the more detailed areas. And to make clean-up easier, I wrapped the paint tray with Glad Press n’ Seal wrap. It sticks really well and doesn’t move around during painting, but also peals off cleanly when you’re done.

painting tools

After the primer was dry, I painted the table with Behr Premium Plus Interior Satin Enamel in Empress Teal. The color looks a bit off in this picture because of the sun, but this was after two coats of paint.

paint 2nd coat

After the second coat was completely dry, I used the 220-grit sandpaper to gently sand down any imperfections and drips.

sanded imperfections

After sanding, I finished up the table with one last coat of paint. Here’s the finished table all settled in its new home!

Finished Table in Apartment

I love how the color makes all the details in the wood stand out!

After Up-Close







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